Sinaptic is a Freelance design studio, founded by Mehdi Teimory in 1999, a London based Designer. His interest in New Media started at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design where he studied Product Design.

This took him into a career embarking on New Media Design at Excite@Home. There he operated on a range of online projects for their portals addressing Europe and Asia, becoming their lead European designer.

Today supporting the Financial heavyweight Forsyth Partners, he is in charge of creative direction of all their key corporate and financial brands.

Apart from pursuing his professional career he is a keen photographer whose products are published in the UK, Japan, France, Italy and Germany in circulations such as Vogue Japan, Design Week, Intramuros and others.

The website is setup as a showcase and commercial portfolio of Mehdi Teimory.


The word and logo were chosen to reflect the synapsis between living cells.

This biological mechanism Evolution devised to enable the exchange of all kind of stimuli between individuals to foster an ever growing collective world exprerience is what this company stands for: Be a spirited contributor as well as an enabler for getting together the most varied creative parties in the everlasting quest to design experiences in the New Media world.