We believe that team-based work and client involvement are essential to intelligent and effective results. Our process provides a solid framework for consistently creating strategic, user-centered, and innovative solutions.

1. Focus: Gather, Identify, Clarify

During the Focus Phase, we clarify and structure initial project objectives. We identify immediate needs and plan for future opportunities. We gather relevant information to plan for user desirability, business viability, and design possibility.

2. Plan: Observe, Synthesize, Structure

The Planning Phase provides vision, structure and direction for all design initiatives. In this phase, we conduct user research to define cognitive, social, cultural, and physical human factors. We align user, business and industry research to define strategic opportunities. The synthesis of our findings is presented in a Strategic Design Plan that outlines concepts and strategies for innovation.

3. Prototype and Refine: Concept, Design, Iterate

During the Prototype and Refine Phase, we rapidly ideate and visualize design solutions based on the concepts, strategies and user experiences outlined in the Strategic Design Plan. We iteratively test the prototypes, refine and iterate again. This user-centered development process ensures highly strategic, engaging, and desirable solutions.

4. Implement: Build, Launch, Distribute

During the Implementation Phase, the final product is detailed and produced. We manage all elements of final production, and leverage the finest Web, structural, film, and print production resources available to ensure the highest quality end-product.

5. Evaluate: Business, User, Design

During the Evaluation Phase, we seek user feedback, measure financial effectiveness and brand awareness. We synthesize our findings to facilitate further development and innovation.